Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Re: Conquering My Anal Retentiveness

This post could go by many titles but they would all boil down to the same thing: simplifying.

I feel like I eventually have come around to deciding on my own what many others would have told me from the strart and that is: I don't need TWO shops.

Two shops came about because I didn't like my more playful Twillypopgirl necklaces in the mix with my adult necklaces. Anal retentive, much? (:-D)

 But now:
1} as Twillypop has progressed and grown, the  adult necklaces have taken on a more colorful, whimsical personality than I had originally expected.  The Twillypopgirl/Twillyteen necklaces fit like a glove and add even more color and fun to my shop. 
2}My hope is that customers looking for adult jewelry may be more likely to buy Twillypopgirl swag and vice/versa.
3} I wasn't doing justice to Twillypopgirl as a line or a shop and hopefully this will help me do better.

 Sooooo, I'm excited!  You'll see more Twillypopgirl/Twillyteen items popping up all the time! 

Many of the smaller Twillypopgirl necklaces will most likely not make the trip over to the growed up shop, so if you have your eye on one, better get "her" now!  Sometime within the next month or so, the old Twillypopgirl shop will be closed :)

Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon for part 2 of conquering my anal retentiveness {yes, there's more and no, I'm not kidding!}

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