Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Technical Ineptitude

Up until 2 years ago {when I started Twillypop} I didn't even know how to check the email account my husband had set up for me. No exaggeration.  I went to college in the early 90's {stop doing the math. I mean it. stop right now} and at the time was still able to avoid the computer almost altogether. I avoided the computer lab like it was my job. Dead serious.

To sum up: NO computer skills whatsoever. Fast forward to today.  I've spent the last two years learning {by trial and error and slower than most} how to navigate cyberspace and run and online biz.

Now that you know my background, imagine my delight when I decided to try my hand at making my own blog buttons, shop banner, and blog header...........and the finished product is pretty......OK!


{this blog~header}

{my other blog~header}


These are on no way perfect, but a delight to me because I feel very much like an old dog who may well be able to learn new tricks. I could never in a million years have pictured being able to undertake such a project!

Have you ever done something that previously you would have NEVER thought you would be able to do? ........LOVE to hear about you.....


  1. Sara, you go! I am impressed and maybe I will come to you for some lessons! (and I am a truly old dog!)

  2. It's like learning a new language you couldn't speak two years ago. And now you are conversational. Way to go!!!!