Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Second Blog?!

Yup.   Most of you popping by probably already know that I'm a little crazy.  But, in the event that this is your first experience with ol' Twillypop, lemme just start by saying I'm a little nuts. In a good way.....Fun nuts.  I think.
 I tend to get in over my head, freak out, admit to my failings and shortcomings,  then pull myself  back together and have a good laugh.  Another blog could only stand to add to all of the capricious fun, don't you think?!

 But yes, this is a second blog. AND I have 2 Etsy shops AND I teach my kids at home. But that's all.  It's not like I have any pets to take care of or anything (our sea monkeys are recently deceased )

I have been itching to have a giveaway, promote my fellow Etsians, share recipes and favorite....ummm, well, EVERYTHINGS (books, movies, songs, etc....)  But my other blog has taken a different turn (one I LOVE) and soooooooo... A 2nd blog.

 I guess you could say this will be a giveaway/fashion/home/fitness/Etsy/handmade/pop-culture.......TwillyPOP culture (to give it a name, if you'll indulge the very MUCH intended pun) sort of blog.  A whatever blog, for fun stuff.  And  So, welcome.  Coming up next week: A giveaway you won't want to miss.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again!


  1. I can already tell that funness will abound here. Happy to follow! And I love the little room you set up here for us to hang out in ;-)

  2. I'm new to the world of Twillypop but I gotta say I think I love you already.. you write they way the girl in my head talks and thinks but is hesitant to be unleased upon thw world..

  3. I didn't know you taught your kids at home. I have to go take a nap from exhaustion now.

  4. Adore you. Just wanted to say that!

  5. I will follow you anywhere Sara! :) xo