Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Pheromone Cologne

****disclaimer: I have my husband's full permission to blog this :)*****

I am married to THE funniest man alive.  He is intentionally funny all of the time, but on occasion his funniness is quite accidental.  And THESE are the times I particularly relish.

He's a shopper and a couple of weeks ago he bought himself a fancy new cologne. Which, I have to say that I LOVE, even though cologne in general is not my favorite thing.  OK, so, new cologne.  My brother was over for dinner a couple days after he bought it and when my brother complimented it my husband was quick to reply that it was INDEED very nice cologne and that he was pretty sure it had lots of pheromones in it.  My brother and I just sort of looked at him.....

"Honey," says I " you know what pheromones are?"

"Sure.  Good smells."      No honey, not good smells..........

Through much laughter, we managed to explain to my husband what pheromones were.  OK, story's not over.

Later that evening, my husband recounted an incident from earlier that day that he hadn't quite understood at the time, but in light of his new found knowledge about pheromones, now made perfect sense.

He was in a store earlier that day and an older lady, in her 70's, had complimented his cologne.  To which he promptly replied,

"Thanks, it's new. I think it has lots of pheromones in it."

He said she just gave him a look that was part disgust, part fear and then walked quickly away without saying another word.  

Funniest man alive. Even when he doesn't even try.

Hope you get a good chuckle out of picturing my 30-something husband relating to a 70 year old woman how full of pheromones his cologne is. I know I did.


  1. LOL... Pour lady was scarred for life! She probably thought he was following her home. :-D That's pretty funny. Thanks for the chuckle. :-)

  2. Hi-larious! Made me laugh out loud. Which is sayin' something, since it's Thursday morning, and I'm totally in a grumpy mood. :)

  3. Good thing I haven't seen him lately.... don't know if I could've controlled myself with all those pheromones flying around. :O)

  4. I can't chuckle, I can only ask what the name of the cologne is. I need pheromones flying around, and I have no problems attracting old ladies :-)

  5. ok...that totally made me LOL. that's exactly something my husband would do....clueless, funny, yet clueless!