Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inspiration in Unlikely Places

Have you ever found inspiration where you LEAST expected it?!

I have these stacking mugs and bowls on my kitchen counter and....

 I ADORE the colors....every single one of them....

.......AND I ADORE the combinations of the colors as they are stacked next to each other...

.......and every time I restack them in a different order there are new combinations that  I LOVE......

{So I got Inspired}

The mugs and bowls stared me in the face and tempted me day after day until I gave in.........
And indulged in a line of necklaces more colorful, and in more unusual color combinations, than ever before.
Coming soon to your local neighborhood Twillypop Etsy shop :)

Where is the most unexpected place that you have ever found inspiration? I'd LOVE to hear.........

{P.s. Scroll down for info on the Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway still going on!}


  1. So pretty Sara! Completely perfect for summer.

    Believe it or not, the idea for my shop really came together for me when I was sitting in the auto mechanic's waiting room of all places! I had been toying with the idea of turning my magnetic spice racks into a business after making one for myself and getting some great feedback from friends and relatives. Meanwhile, I was daydreaming about making over his rusted metal filing cabinet with some paint and all of a sudden realized I could probably find more neglected metal in the form of serving trays. Crazy, right??

    Love the new colors - good luck photographing :)

  2. I love all these BRIGHT colors! So much fun. I get inspired while sewing or driving, lol!

  3. I get inspiration from so many places. I'd be here all day trying to name them: the reflection of my own hair in a mirror inspired my black and white creations in my etsy shop (crocheted necklaces and shawls). Seeing a box of threads with my yarn wrapped around them inspired some brooches with yarn and thread combinations. Etc....... :-) I love the cup colors that inspired you too! Pretty necklaces.

  4. I love the stacking bowls and mugs (practical side). But of course, I love your necklaces (working on my fashionable side!) I showed my niece the gorgeous photos of the bride you shared some time ago with the lovely turquoise necklace. My niece loved it and she's "holding" that idea for herself for her own wedding. The funny thing is she doesn't have a boyfriend yet!

  5. Love these! I'm always surprised by the places I find inspiration - I never know when it'll strike!!