Monday, March 21, 2011

Permission to Fail

sneak peek~ Liberty of London & Pearl Upcycled vintage metal cuff

From the time I first started Twillypop I wanted everything to work out.  I wanted every finished product to be something that I could list and sell. I didn't want to "waste" any time on things that.........well, failed......

sneak peek~Twillypop Blossom Raw-Edge Ribbon Belt
and yes, even as I write this, I know that that's not always possible and it's certainly not always the recipe for life in general. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

So, as of late, I have been taking somewhat of a break from cyberspace and the whole Etsy "scene" to do what I could best describe as "putz." I have decided to give myself permission to "fail" and as a result,  I have finally put into motion a BUNCH of projects that I have had in mind from the very beginning, but have continually put on the back burner for fear of "failure."

 I put the word failure into quotations because I know that even when a project doesn't go exactly as I had planned, that the lessons I learn from said "failure" will have value in my business as I move forward.....

and so....the putzing, planning, thinking, working a little & then walking away..

returning a little while later, after more thought, putzing a bit more, and then walking away...and so on....

sneak peek~Charm&Bauble&Ribbon Pendant Necklace
and I believe there will be some good fruit at the end of this. fun and exciting new directions for Twillypop......

Possible up and coming attractions: upcycled vintage/thrifted purses and clutches, Twillypop bloom ribbon belts, earrings, charm & bauble& ribbon pendant necklaces, upcycled vintage acrylic metal cuff & bangle bracelets, bib necklaces.........all starring: vintage pieces, pearls, baubles, Liberty of London, and more!aaaahhh!!! FUN! FUN! 
sneak peek~ Upcycled thrifted Twillypop-ified Clutch Purse

Ever been at this kind of place.....needing to allow yourself to fail, in order to keep moving forward?


  1. this is what its all about...loving what you make!

    when you make what you love, you can tell that you're you've put your heart n soul into it.

    and that is exactly what i see here!

  2. oh i love the up and coming items they are so beautiful your work is awesome.

  3. Cute sneak peaks! I grant thee, oh Twillypop.... permission to fail..... BONG! :O)

  4. Your new designs are gorgeous Sara! I've always admired your lovely items. :)
    I totally get what you are talking about. I'd like to try new designs for my shop, not sure if they will work, but I want to try. I'm thinking of taking a bit of a break this summer and coming back in the fall with a stocked shop!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I am a firm believer that variety is the spice of life, and if your mind works that way {with a variety of ideas always nagging you} it's great that you are finally giving into those things... sometimes we have to make time to explore new ideas, it's true! We'll never know unless we try... :) you go girl! ♥

  6. Completely in love with your new designs Sara, especially the belt! I can't wait to see what other new things you have planned.

    I know exactly what you mean about needing a little time to just grow & explore without all the day-to-day pressures that can add up. I think I need to give myself a little permission to "fail" (quotes!) as well - it's sometimes hard to remember that creativity is an organic process. Thank you for the reminder!